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9/13/08 05:51 am - Why do none of my mom's friends know what a time zone is?

When my mom's friend from Winnipeg stayed over in July for a few weeks. I'd hear her cell phone receive text messages until after 2am from her kids. Also, whenever she'd call it would either be annoyingly early or annoyingly late.

That's okay compared to what happened this morning. The phone was ringing at 5am, so I thought it was possibly a family emergency ('cause, ye know, my mom taught me that you should be phone considerate. Never call before 9am and never after 9pm unless it is an emergency and I always try to be considerate of people's time zone) I answered the phone and did not recognize the voice. "Is your mom there?" "Who is this?" "Nakida(I think)" "...How does she know you?" "Uhm, I'm her ex-husband's wife" "Oh, well she's not awake right now. It's 5am." "Oh! I'm sorry." "I'm guessing you're in BC?" "No, we're in Alberta so it's 1am." So I told her to call back in a few hours. She'll likely get the machine, but I tore apart my house phone. She said they're going on a road trip and wanted to know if they could stop by. I'm thinking "Why would you want to visit your husbands ex-wife who cheated on her and just left one day?" I want to know what mom thinks about this. I'm curious, but I think it would be strange if they did visit.

So yeah. wtf? What sucks is that I have not been sleeping well lately and it's my party today =( You'll get photos (new hair photos too) tomorrow or Monday (I have the day off on Monday~)

11/30/07 08:51 pm - Christmas cards

Who wants one? =)

1/28/07 07:53 pm

You know it's been a good day when you wake up late, slide onto a bean bag chair and watch movies all day.

My feet are cold, why must feet and hands always be cold?

12/10/06 10:24 pm - Sure, why not.

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12/1/06 11:32 pm - Cards!

Alrighty, I'm counting out how many postage stamps I want. I've already got the list from EoFF and Shauna. Anyone else?

As for a "proper update" that'll never happen without brute force.

11/15/06 10:29 pm - Yay! I win!

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12/24/05 08:12 pm


I'm not a fucking whore of any sort. >=( And it's Christmas! WTF :(

11/22/05 09:15 pm - Dan, I love you. <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And so we laughed for more than 20 minutes, nearly pissed our pants, and died.

Now, we have two dead bodies, PiP and I. What do we do?

8/31/05 06:39 pm

< Faris > ur meab
< Faris > YEAH MEAC
< Spizz > Meab?
< RESHA > Mean
< Spizz > ...
< Spizz > No.
< Faris > ....Time for Resha to masturbate.

6/22/05 01:24 pm - Friends only now.

Because there are only certain people who I can trust ~

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